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Moving to the Cary area?

Relocating to a new city can push someone to their mental limits, without considering the daunting task of searching for a home in addition to finding a Realtor you can trust. At Smart Partners Realty, I understand this, and I am an expert in relocation. I have a long history of finding buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to help you efficiently narrow your options.

When relocating, you probably won't have the time to look at every house for sale. Most likely, you'll get see a couple dozen, so narrow down your list first thing with these tips:

  • Before leaving town, write your needs into one list. Then list your wants in another. If a property doesn't even meet your needs, there's no need to even spend time looking at it.
  • Know your budget. If you are getting a mortgage, have your pre-approved amount in advance so we can eliminate homes beyond your price range.
  • What length of a commute are you willing to make each day to work and other interests? Traffic in the Cary area could be different than what you're currently experiencing, so let me know your expected drive-time, and I'll seek out homes within that radius.

I can send you some top recommendations before we meet in person. Or if you've already started your search, let me know what you've found. While virtual tours and photos are invaluable, there's nothing like walking through homes in person. Let me set up any necessary appointments and map a route. If we work efficiently, we could see 8 to 10 homes in a single day.

Relocated to the Cary area with Smart Partners Realty as your real estate agent - (919) 412-8592
My goal is to do everything I can so that by the time you leave town, you can be rest assured you're on the right track to finding the best home for your family. Call me today at (919) 412-8592 to launch your home search.